Behind The Tracks: LUNA KISS – ALL ON ME (Single) (2022)

‘All On Me,’ is about carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. That feeling you get when you’re doing everything you can to help the others around you but simultaneously disregarding your own needs and emotions. Whether it relates to girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, or family, we’ve all taken our own needs for granted for the sake of others at some point in our lives, and the more we do this, the more those around us expect it. The lyrics, “You seem miles away, we've had better days, you said you've run out of words to say,” relates to the monotony of being there for someone who is that used to having you, they barely acknowledge you. The sensible thing to do in this situation would be to take a step back and make some time for yourself, however, ‘All On Me,’ is about when you don’t do that. It’s about when you continue to put others' wants and needs before your own and sooner or later something… snaps…

“Forgive me if I say, I'm not sorry for the things that I have done, forgive me when I say, I'm not sorry for the man that I've become,” is like a live feed lyric to the final straw-breaking the camel’s back as it happens along with the realization that you’ve got nothing to apologize for. “You seem quite unsure, what it is that you want and I can't seem to help you anymore, I'm tired of wanting more when I know what I want and I know I don't need this anymore,” relates to when you’ve finally had enough and say f*ck it… I’m out. Regardless of what type of relationship this relates to, it’s about people feeling as if they’re unconditionally entitled to having you and relying on you without ever giving anything back. People can and will be selfish at times (this includes us too) and it’s about recognizing when this happens. We’ve all been taken for granted and have all taken things for granted, it’s human nature. We just need to try and notice when this is happening because it can be severely detrimental to ourselves and our relationships. Be considerate, help each other and share your burdens because “You can’t put this ALL ON ME!”

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