Interviews About Albums: Imaginaerium - The Rise Of Medici (2022)

In this new interview, we sat down with the British Progressive Rock band Imaginaerium to ask some questions about their new album "The Rise Of Medici"

1. What can you say about this new CD?

Eric: This CD is the achievement of the work started during the pandemic with Clive Nolan and Laura Piazzai. It is a concept album about the powerful Italian De’ Medici family that reigned in Florence in 1464; it is a story involving charismatic characters, a mix of epic music, progressive rock, renaissance rock... It will be released on September 30 th, as a limited special edition: an earbook hand-numbered 28-page hardback paper with 2CDs (one Bonus CD).

2. What is the meaning of the CD name?

Eric: The album features some of the major episodes in the life of Cosimo and Contessina De’ Medici. Their lives were far more intricate and complex than this album can possibly put across, so we simply offer a small part of their dramatic place in history.

3. Who are the composers of the album?

Eric: Clive and I composed the music. Clive wrote the whole concept and lyrics.

4. If you could pick one song which one would that be?

Eric: This is a tricky question as each track is a part of the whole concept. If I'd have one or two to name, I'd probably say: ''Legacy'' & ''Duty of Love''.

Laura: I love all the songs on this album because they are all part of the concept as Eric said before me. I can say that the songs that I sing are really designed for my voice but the incredible challenge was for me to sound perfectly “in my shoes” when I sang the classic songs written for the classic character Lucrezia, sang By Elena Vladyuk, and transformed into something different in my versions of all her songs for the bonus album. I enjoyed this path so much and in this project, I learned how versatile my voice actually is and I had so much fun in giving those songs such a different but still delicate and modern vibe.

5. Is there a special message in this album? And if yes, what is this message?

Eric: There's no specific message except the plot and the desire to tell the story about this incredible family.

Laura: It’s not really a message but what we would like to achieve is also to get people interested in a precious heritage like our history told through music.

6. Are there any lyrics that you’d love to share?

Eric: As we're telling a story, the lyrics are a huge part of the concept. You can read it here: 

7. Are there any important inspirations behind the writing of this concept album? 

Eric: We have so many influences in our background, but this album is mostly between classical, symphonic, and progressive rock. Called it renaissance rock!

Laura: I would say that the common inspiration comes from history. We all three love history and intriguing stories. It all started from this point.

8. Anything you want to add?

Eric: Thank you for the interview. We hope that people will love this album!

Laura: It is very hard for new projects to be heard because you have to fight against the classic giants that are very very much mentioned and supported but do they actually need this support when they are not even “in action” any longer? When it comes to “news” and new singers, musicians, or composers that have immense talents, sometimes even bigger talents than the “old” school well, you are taken by the fear that what you have worked so hard on will not be heard or supported. A good review matters (if it is deserved of course), radios that push a beautiful new project, some good critics that write and admit that this new singer, musician, and composer are out there and make them be loved and followed by people and that these media really show those artists that they are worth all the big efforts that we all do when we put love and passion in our music… well this is part of my dream. And I can tell that we all three have this passion and dream and that we really hope that this is going to be the album that will give us the recognition that an ambitious project like this deserves. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to have the possibility to be heard and read. Thanks for a lovely interview.

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