Interviews About Albums: The Intemperate Sons - The Color Within (2022)

In this new interview, we sat down with the American Indie Rock band The Intemperate Sons to ask some questions about their new album "The Color Within"

1. What can you say about your new album "The Color Within" album?

The unbelievable journey to make this album has culminated in today's release through the Frame|Work label and team. We would not have been able to make this album as special as it is without the help from Amir Derakh (playing, mixing, and producing) and Tony Franklin (fretless bass) as well as the amazing help from JP at The Kitchen Recording Studios We're also thankful for all of the visual components that have accompanied each release, so our thanks to Paul Gervasi (Royalrockfilms) and Ardent Owl Media (Ryan Whitehead) for their amazing work. This album is dedicated to my father who passed a few years ago before we started the recording process.

2. What is the meaning of the album name?

Life can be tough and our experiences make us who we ultimately become. We are constantly trying to make sense of it all and in the process, find out who we are.

3. Which one is the composer of the CD/EP?

We are all songwriters and contributed to the album. Jake wrote the music for Remission, Wading in the Gray, and What’s Done is Done. Max wrote the music and lyrics for Going Crazy. I wrote the music and lyrics for the other 6 tracks on the album. We always approach everything as a team.

4. How was the process of working with Amir Derakh and Keith Watson to produce the album?

Working with Amir on this record has been the single most important part outside of our songwriting and recording. He is an amazing producer and mixer and just knows what we need to make the songs better. We collaborated a lot with him prior to going into the studio and he really helped us to discover our musical identity.

5. If you had to pick one song, which one would you pick?

They are all our babies but the one that is so special for me (Keith) is Dust to Dust. This entire album is dedicated to my father who passed away in 2018. That song is kind of my goodbye to him and ended up being such an epic track. It is the only track in human history that has both Amir Derakh (Rough Cutt, Orgy, Julien-K, Dead by Sunrise) and Tony Franklin (The Firm, Whitesnake, Kenny Wayne Shepherd) playing together. Not only are they playing together but they’re playing with us! An interesting story about that song is that I asked Amir to play a guitar solo along with Jake and Max. He kicked it around for a bit and then decided he would play slide guitar on it. That type of playing was my Dad’s favorite and Amir had no clue until after he laid the performance down.

6. Is there a special message in this album? If there is what it is?

The album is really about some dark times and no one has a monopoly on going through them. And even though it may be where you are at the moment, you can work it out and come through it with a few scars, but alive and still intact.

7. Are there some lyrics that you'd love to share?

One of my favorite lyrical pieces comes in the bridge of Dust to Dust and says,
“Through the dreamer’s eye
Hand and hand as your guide
Moving through the chapters
Before you spread your wings and fly"

8. Which inspirations have been important for this album? Like musically or friends, family, someone you'd love to thank especially?

The most supportive people on the planet regarding this album have been my wife, Megan, Amir Derakh, and Ryan Shuck (Orgy, Julien-K, Adema). My wife was and is a silent partner with the band in being a set of ears to lean on when we wanted an honest opinion about what we were doing. Amir has literally been an important member of the band, not only by lending his services in playing bass, but also with his great ear for music and his masterful way in which he mixes. We joke about it, but his title should be “Prodixer” or “Mixducer”. He had a hand in producing these songs along with us. Ryan and Amir both took us under their wing and added us to the Frame|Work label, which has meant the world to us. Both guys are amazing artists with some legendary bands and they took us in and have supported us with the same energy that I have in this project. They have an impeccable reputation and they thought enough of our music to get behind us.

9. Something you'd like to add?

We have since welcomed into the band, Mark Marks at bass. He brings with him a style that fits perfectly with our music. In fact we’ve entered the studio with him already to start recording a second album. This album is out on ALL streaming platforms. Please follow us on your platform of choice.

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