Track By Tracks: AVSKRÄDE - Det Stora Tunga Sjuka (2022)

1. Av jord är du kommen ”From Earth You Came": 

This is the first song we wrote together. Very simple but effective riffs.
”Av jord är du kommen” equals the ”ashes to ashes” funeral service.
It's a fast, angry song with a catchy chorus.

2. Undergång ”Doom”:

The title says it all. Full attack chorus. Real fun one to play.

3. Åh, ljuva svarta natt ”Oh, Sweet Black Night”:

" The song is about being embraced by death"

4. När stillheten stundar ”When tranquility comes”:

Partly shares the same message as the previous one, but in a slower, more dull manner.

5. Aldrig mer skall solen bränna ”Never Again Shall the Sun Burn”:

20-something years old lyrics that were just laying around. Pretty punky chorus. The very first song we released.

6. Med blodiga vingar ”With Bloody Wings”:

Death, darkness, and the end.

7. Gravens tomma skönhet ”The beauty of the empty grave”:

The lyrics deal with the allure of the grave. A longing for eternal rest. Old lyrics on this one.

8. Nattfärd ”Night travel”:

A song about a nocturnal journey with the moon as your only companion. Really old lyrics.

A song about the deepest, most dark need everybody carries.

9. Begäret ”The need”:

A song about the deepest, darkest desires most people carry inside. True old-school BM.

10. I den eviga månens sken ”In the Light of the Eternal Moon”:

Another old song. The lyrics and riffs go way back. The old project had not been used before.

11. Jag är slutet ”I am the End”

Last song of the album and a nice outro. The longest track on this album and probably one of the more "popular".

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