Track By Tracks: COATHANGER ABORTION - PLAN C (2022)

I (Robby) started writing the lyrics for ‘Plan C’ in 2019. I wrote all the lyrics this time when in the past I would have other members of the band contribute. Here are the ideas behind each song…

1. What Lies Underneath:

If anyone knows me, I'm big into horror movies. This song is based on John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness.

2. Corpsewood:

This song is about the murders of Dr. Charles Scudder and Joseph Odom. There's a lot to unpack here. If you want to learn more about it just Google "Corpsewood Manor".

3. Dead Walking:

After reading the first few lines of the lyrics, this one probably won't be hard to figure out. I wrote this one about the first season of the Walking Dead. It is my favorite out of all the seasons.

4. Dissecting Society:

This is about the pandemic. The shitty 2020.

5. Millville Madness:

This one is about an experience when I was younger. A friend invited me over to sit in on a seance. A lot of crazy shit happened that night.

6. Randomly Butchered:

This is about Richard Ramirez. I still remember the news footage of the Night Stalker on TV when I was a kid.

7. Silent Screams:

This one is about the movie Silent Hill. Also, it's a tribute to a close Coathanger Abortion brother, our ex-bassist Scot ‘One T’ Dunlap. He passed away the night I wrote this song.

8. Cannibal Crave:

This is a cover song we've played over the years. It made sense because it originally came from the album ‘Swamped in Gore’. I was excited to have Broken Hope's current vocalist Damian Leski do guest vocals on this song.

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