Track By Tracks: Elf Queen - Requiem (2022)

Requiem is a complete work of art music, made up of nine movements and meant to be listened to as one entire work. The libretto is based on the old Norse poem Voluspa, and also contains excerpts from Havamal, Voluspa en Skamma, and Hrafnagaldr Odins, as well as original lyrics. In essence, it is a conversation between the Seeress and the god Odin, where the Seeress reveals all of history to Odin, and then foretells the future. In a mythological setting, the story happens after the death of Odin’s son Baldur, with Odin trying to find a way to bring his son back.

The work was written as a memorial for Uncle Hauk’s fiance Josie, who passed away last November.

The breakdown of the story is as follows:

1. Overture:

The overture is an instrumental introduction to the work, containing musical themes and developments that will be explored in the greater work.

2. Voluspa Part 1:

Lyrically this movement details the creation of the universe, and the subsequent creation of the nine worlds by the Aesir, and the birth of the dwarves.

3. Voluspa Part 2:

The Aesir create mankind and then have a war with the Vanir, another tribe of gods

4. Voluspa Part 3:

The Seeress begins to question Odin about what he really wants and speaks of the death of Baldur.

5. Taking Up the Runes:

Odin hangs on the tree Yggdrasil to learn the runes, the secrets of the universe.

6. Hymn to Heimdall:

This is the story of the god Heimdall, who sees and hears everything, including the deaths of our loved ones.

7. Voluspa Part 4 -Ragnarok: 

In the battle of Ragnarok, where the gods fight the etins and the world is burned to ashes and then born again.

8. Voluspa Part 5:

In the aftermath of the final battle, when the world is born again and Baldur returns from death.

9. Outro “Cattle Die”:

Based on one of the verses in the Havamal that reads “Cattle Die, Kinsmen Die, even the self must die, but I know one thing never dies, the memory of a great man”, the outro provides closure to the Requiem and a reminder that even when our loved ones die, their memory lives on.

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