Track By Tracks: Epinikion - Inquisition (2022)

1. The Council Of troubles:

This is the part where we approach the Council of Troubles (Court during the Eighty Years' War)

2. Inquisition:

The story begins when the protagonist, a woman named Eleanor, is brought before the Inquisition. She is on trial for heresy, which is charged against her by the Spanish inquisitor in the Netherlands, the father of her beloved Luca. The charge is heresy and since Eleanor and her family are Protestants, that’s enough to imprison her. The real reason is her relationship with the son of a Spanish nobleman and inquisitor, Luca. She argues for compassion, one of the highest virtues in justice, and that it doesn't matter whether you're nobility, religious or not, in order to still be able to love each other.

3. Love so sublime:

This is a real love song. Eleanor meets Luca at the market, does not know who he is but is immediately in love. She runs into Luca and they go dancing together. Eleanor wonders who is the man moves so gracefully and makes her feel like she is floating, making an invisible connection with her. She's never felt anything like it. It doesn't feel like a coincidence to her, but something that has to do with fate. They are brought together in this meeting. Eleanor has not felt this way for a long time, she notices that something is happening that feels like a blazing fire, that the meeting is the beginning of everything.

4. Welcome to the wonderful world of jealousy:

Eleanor has always lived in the moment, she went with the flow of life. She follows the choice of her heart and is not distracted from her feeling of doing what feels right. If difficult things come your way, you have to deal with them, learn your lessons from them, she thinks. In this song, she says she feels that her love for Luca is being disapproved and that she notices from people that this stems from a strange kind of jealousy.

5. Stand up and fight:

While Eleanor is desperate, unable to hide in the forest for the rest of her life, she realizes she must have a plan, along with Luca. Here Luca repeats what is already being shouted in Jealousy: I will have to follow my heart, that's just how I am. Luca's father can accuse Eleanor of manipulating him and being dishonest, but that accusation is completely unjustified. Luca goes for it and sees where this all ends. He wants to fight for the relationship and rebels.

6. On the Brink of Despair:

Now that they have been seen together for a while, Eleanor hears the gossip that Luca's father disapproves of the relationship and wants to tear the two apart by challenging her to the 'Blood Council'. Her worst fear is about to come true. She will be hunted like an animal, brought up and executed. Where should she find help? Luca's father is determined to let her die, even though her love for him is not a choice but a strong connection between two people who love each other. Where should she go? Who can help her? At the time of this scene, she is in the dark forest to which she has fled, preferring to stay where she was…

7. In the Middle of the Night:

In her "fight" to survive and maintain the relationship with Luca, the warning lady must make it clear that her accuser is a big con artist herself. He blames her for the crimes he commits himself. He does this secretly, behind the backs of everyone he addresses as an inquisitor. In the context of 'Look at yourself before you accuse others, with your low tricks!' A diabolical crusade, a masquerade that he tries to hide with bribery and deceit. Pure hypocrisy rather than just actions against criminals. It is time for the man to be punished for what he is up to instead of letting him have his way.

8. Sail Away:

In order to fight her battle against the Inquisitor, Eleanor goes to find a safe place with Luca. They travel separately so as not to be noticed. Departed by ship, she hopes to be safely away because there is a lot of chatter and she no longer knows who can and cannot be trusted. Will they sink into the sea or will they make it? Was the one who helped her a friend or an enemy? Halfway through the ride, other ships appear, which have opened the hunt. In retrospect, the woman is a 'false-faced demon'. In fact, she already knew intuitively that it wasn't right, but she also had no other option. Will the sea be her deathbed or will she make it despite the attacks of the suddenly appearing Spaniards? Will she find shelter? The Spanish guns keep firing….

9. False Faced Demon:

After the ship she tried to flee to was shelled and sank, Eleanor managed to swim ashore. She indicates that she thought she was being helped by a friend, but that help was only offered to frame her. She also describes that from now on she will listen more to her feelings and knows that if she doesn't, things will go wrong. She should have known, as the helping lady sings! The journey was never intended to save her, she was clearly lied to.

10. If I could turn back Time: 

After she has gone to seek help in the village from the forest, she is taken to the ex-wife of the inquisitor: Margaretha. She is the only one who can be trusted in this case, after all these years of disfigured behavior this woman has turned against him. She tells Eleanor after giving her food and a blanket by the fireplace that a terrible mistake has been made. In the attempt to take Luca's girlfriend and poison her, her child and thus the inquisitor's own daughter was accidentally killed. The mercenaries sent for Catherine were so drunk and aggressive that they killed the wrong person. Margaretha is of course inconsolable and understands that this cannot go on any longer. She cannot get over the death of her youngest daughter and will do anything to avenge her death.

11. Strangers in the Dark:

In this scene, the inquisitor is actually unmasked. This allows everyone to see their true face, there is nothing more to lie. His unmasking marks the beginning of a new life together for Luca and Eleanor. The Inquisitor tried to poison her, but the poisonous food ended up with the illegitimate daughter he had with a woman who was once his lover (Margaretha). Although he pretends to know nothing, the truth can no longer be hidden. Strangers in the dark always tell you more than a good friend will do during the day. This way they can openly and freely talk about the terrible stories they no longer want to be part of and they can help Eleanor and Luca! The game is over, drink your own poison cup.

12. The Courage to change:

Perspective is the summary, 'the moral of the story. These "wisdoms" apply to all people and at all times, especially based on Einstein's statement about solving problems. That will never work if you don't look at them from a different perspective than where they once originated. Furthermore: never be distracted by negativity, make sure that you stay mentally healthy and that you can achieve your solutions in life that way. Make sure to keep an overview, and take a step back every now and then to think about what's going on. Don't give up and know that you will always come out stronger!

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