Track By Tracks: We Are To Blame - Duality I (2022)

1. Breathe:

“Breathe” is about anxiety, the feeling of it taking over and not finding a way out. To feel the weight of it bringing you down, and not being able to breathe.

The song has a strong rhythmic foundation, which is enhanced by melodies playing off each other. Switching between heavy, soft, and melancholic, it is bound to captivate the audience.

2. Losing Rhythm:

The first single from the band, “Losing Rhythm” is about other people's choices affect your life. To fall into the darkness because the person next to you is already there, and to lose yourself in someone else’s pain because that person is a part of you. An upbeat, guitar-driven song with strong melodies and hooks. We aimed for something energetic and in-your-face, while still maintaining memorable melodies.

3. My Release:

“My Release” tells a story about being caught in thoughts and behaviors, being aware of the mistakes you make but not being able or willing to change them.

This song is heavy on synths and electronics, backed up by a strong rhythmic section. The vocal and choir arrangement moves between dark and hopeful in a delicate symbiosis with the music.

4. The Change:

A song about wanting to be part of the solution, but slowly realizing that you are actually a part of the problem. “The Change” is dark and driving, with strong progressive vibes. The heavy riffs in combination with the soft vocals in combination with intense growls make for a dynamic journey.

5. Falling Down:

“Falling Down” is about losing your place, constantly looking for your place in the world but losing your way every time. This is a dark and heavy song with lots of vocals and choir arrangements. Loads of layers and background melodies make for a big soundscape.

6. All I Want To Say:

The second single from the band is about feeling abandoned and deserted, knowing that whatever you do it’s still going to hurt you. Longing for the pain to be over, and slowly giving up.

With guest vocals from Tom Englund (Evergrey, Silent Skies, Redemption), “All I Want To Say” is an epic metal duet with tons of layers and nuances making it a dynamic journey throughout.

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