Track By Tracks: Xenomorph - RÜSTWELT (2022)

1. Rustwelt:

An intro into the dark and decrepit nihilistic rustbelt realm of Rustwelt.

2. Domicillary & Despair:

Featuring samples from the 1980 Film The Ninth Configuration, this song describes the descent into institutionalized psychiatric care that proceeds acceptance of a life of indentured labor and servitude.

3. Amphetemous Fornications:

One’s journey and concerning the drug-fueled debauchery occurring in Mittlestadt, the realm of souls who have lost all purpose and meaning in life.

4. Corroded Sentinels of Putrid Carrion:

Observing much wasted industrial material co-existing in nature alongside the inevitably rotting carcasses of the weak and deceased.

5. Arbeit Macht Hass:

A solemn outcry against the relentless and never-ending servitude of those damned to Rustwelt.

6. Die Adler Von Eden:

A record of the great Eagles of Eden which guard the Königin-tor, which one contemplates while meandering through the crumbling public lawns of this place

7. Labors Ov Power:

The dark ascent into great power and domination over one's own pathetic soul.

8. Omega Doom:

A love letter to the post-apocalyptic movies of Rutger Hauer, and a prophecy of coming war and final devastation for all mankind.

9.Schwarzes Industrielles Elend (Shining Cover):

Cover of Shining's Black Industrial Misery aka Svart Industriell Olycka

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