Track By Tracks: Yevabog - Between Two Fires (2022)

1. A Golden Reaper:

This song is about the global powers destroying the earth for personal gain, told through the analogy of a demonic entity taking control of a subject.

2. In Veste Maculatum:

Translates (more or less- I don't actually speak Latin) to: in dirty/stained robes/clothing. This is largely a reference to the unholy pious of the world, whether that be sex predator priests, megachurch leaders wringing grandma out of her rent money so they can buy another jet, or anyone from any religion promoting violence in the name of their god. The gist of the song, through the continued possession story, is the demonic entity telling these men that their god will not answer them.

3. Host:

This song is about the one being possessed. It's about all the things people are told through religious indoctrination, to believe that they are worthless outside of god. I grew up with a lot of that, so some of the themes are things I've worked through in my life.

4. Rituale Romanum:

The Roman Ritual is the official exorcism ritual, and the song is about the futility of living and performing rituals in service of a god who I don't think exists, and certainly doesn't care if it does.

5. A Saint or a Witch:

Touches on the ideas of how religion has affected the treatment of mental health throughout history. People with mental issues have been labeled evil, possessed, or witches. If you are hearing voices, basically, you must be a saint or a witch. This idea draws from the book Between Two Fires by Christopher Buehlman, which the album is named after.

6. 22 Disciples of Hell: 

Is about the satanic panic during the '80s and '90s? The 22 disciples of hell were a conspiracy theory about followers of David Berkowitz, "The son of Sam". The satanic panic ruined innocent lives because of prejudices and religious zealotism, the worst case being the McMartin preschool trials; A modern witch hunt.

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