Band Biographies: Beware Of Gods

The Archetype - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Doom Synth, Piano, and Sound Design

Guest and Friend Kellii Scott of Failure - Drums.

From melancholy to pure menace, the vocals of The Archetype across UWTLLD hover like a cloud of locusts within the angular atonal trudging combat between doom-laden guitars. The multitude of voices The Archetype employs to drive the emotive narratives he writes shift from sweet melodic singing to guttural blood-curdling screams to beastly growls to spoken word and back again. The droning trudging of dissonant riffage is backed by the solid, just ‘behind the beat’ groove of guest drummer Kellii Scott of Alt Space Rock Giants Failure and the accompanying pummeling slow burn, fuzzed-out bass. Beware Of Gods is a Warning and a Blessing. An Honoring Of The Gift of Despair from which Clarity takes Flight and We find the Courage to face the Monster, to Reconcile It, to Become and Overcome It…

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