Band Biographies: DROP OUT

DROP OUT was formed in 2021, blending aggressive barking vocals with a nu-metal groove and violent beatdowns. Their debut self-titled EP, (to be released via Dision Records on September 2nd, 2022) speaks of betrayal, neglect, and self-destruction, mirroring the trajectory of a society bent on its own demise. PAIN, the first single to drop via an official lyric video, features Tyler Impaler of Dead Nerves and is available now on Bandcamp, YouTube, and all major streaming services. The vocalist, Devin McCoy, had this to say about the track: “You can’t fix someone to be who you want them to be. Sometimes the only thing you can do is watch them ruin themselves and everyone else around them.” DEFECTIVE was released along with the band’s first music video, a six-minute-long performance video shot in the band’s own claustrophobic practice space. The atmosphere of imminent violence demonstrates the raw energy emanating from the four-piece, who use live performance as an outlet for their anger.

DROP OUT was released via Dision Records on September 2nd on all major streaming services. Merch and digital downloads can be found on

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