Band Biographies: Les Enfants De Dagon

The band of seven musicians started the project in the middle of 2019. Les Enfants de DAGON produce distressing dark music with a dense multi-layered black orchestration. Their musical inspiration is a mix between death, black and doom metal. The idea of the band was to create a journey with a story inspired by an H.P. Lovecraft novel based around the sea deity Dagon in lineage of several death metal & black metal band of the 90’s.

The band also wants to create in their gigs a visual and unique universe in echo of their songs. The show is also telling the whole story of their first and forthcoming album De Profundis. Les Enfants de DAGON feature Alexis Amanatiou on guitar, Frédéric Caillat-Miousse on Bass, Céline Chassy on vocals, Thomas Combépine on guitar & backing vocals, Sébastien Lamarzelle on drums, Laurent Francheteau on vocals and Claire Planchon on keyboard. The album De Profundis will be released via Sliptrick Records on digital and in CD format.

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