Band Biographies: Lieform

Hailing from Boise, Idaho, Lieform is a four-piece rock band made up of J Arancivia (Drums), Tony Alber (Guitar, Vocals), Forest Stewart (Bass), and TC Armstrong (Guitar, Vocals). Lieform is heavily influenced by many different genres, not just rock n roll. Their eclectic tastes lead to the perfect amalgamate of classic rock, 90’s grunge, and 00’s bounce, taking their listener on a journey through roller-coaster dynamics, nostalgia-inducing shred-ridden solos, and powerful, thought-provoking lyrics. Heavy grooves, unique arrangements, volatile lyrical content, and angry, searing leads mix seamlessly, making no subtle demonstration of the panorama of influences driving these Pacific Northwest musicians.

Lieform is ready to show the world new, old music that we hadn’t yet realized we were waiting to hear; evoking raw, visceral emotion, all while being taken on a journey through a genre-bending, thought-provoking landslide of sound and energy. Transcending genre consistently brings the audience an extensive experience that is at times dark and reflective, yet at others bright and fun, Lieform is built for large crowds and could be the next band to redefine the term arena rock.

Lieform is:

Tony Alber – Guitar/Vocals 
TC Armstrong – Guitar/Vocals 
J Arancivia – Drums/Vocals 
Forest Stewart – Bass/Vocals

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