Band Biographies: RUSTY WOUNDS

After 10 years of total dedication to KLOGR, Rusty felt the need to explore other musical paths and throw himself into something that could not be achieved with the band. Thus was born the idea of the "solo" project, Rusty Wounds. A musical project with which, as a first step, he arranged and produced a bunch of covers and focused on the production of an album.

While KLOGR has focused on social and environmental impacts, Rusty Wounds explores more intimate themes with an expanded versatile sound. Marking a new chapter on Rusty’s path, the musical concept can be performed stripped down with only vocals and an acoustic guitar, but with the same impact, the arrangements that can be performed along with an entire band.

The first single, which will be released in October via Superbia Music, is a cover by Nirvana, a band as much discussed as it is revolutionary, which marked an era and a decisive change in the music market. "I've always been fascinated by Kurt's sensitivity, his hypnotic gaze, and his visionary way of writing lyrics" Rusty says.

Arranged and produced with the collaboration of Federico Ascari, the version of "Come As You Are" is a journey that touches the industrial, disturbing, and how chaos inside Kurt's soul. A reinterpretation that anticipates the sound of a project that embraces alternatives, electronics, and rock... But always maintains an acoustic sound.

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