Band Biographies: Weekend Cigarettes

The group was born from the idea of Daniele (Deep Throat) and Alessandro (Married with children - Oasis Tribute) to restore the Californian punk rock current of the 90s. From Nofx to Bad Religion and from No use for a name to the Swedes of Millencolin.

The band, formed in March 2015 with the arrival of Francesco Santo (Nevermind - Nirvana Tribute), was initially composed of three elements, but with the arrival of Matteo Zecchin (Deep Throat) in December 2015, the group takes on an image ever sharper and more compact, thus giving life to Weekend Cigarettes.

In December 2016 their first EP "Eureka" was released. 5 tracks of pure punk rock.

Thanks to “Eureka!”, An album particularly critical of today's society, it allowed the band to organize evenings as well as obtain interviews on regional radios such as "Radio Alba" and "Radio Gold". Throughout 2018 the band closed in the room to give life to their first LP. Between December 2018 and January 2019 they turned again to Music Ink of Arona (NO) for the recording of the first album and thanks to Federico Pennazzato they managed to give rigidity and fluidity to the pieces.

Unfortunately the band, given the complexities of playing in the province and in the region, had a moment of ups and downs, and after the release of the guitarist Matteo Zecchin in June 2019, here comes Giacomo Dito, a young and promising guitarist from Alessandria immediately nicknamed by the group "Finger". The first LP, How Do You Feel, released in November 2019, contains all the emotions and sensations of our childhood to date. The images fade but the thought always remains intact in my mind.

Although the covid stopped the show for the whole of 2020, the band still managed not to put out the fire it has always had within itself. In September they take part in San Remo Rock, where they perform for the first time at the Ariston and at the end of October they get to share an evening with the Australian band The Rumjacks.

2021 was a year mainly of musical composition, a new album is upon us and in all probability, it will be released in 2023. The tracklist has not yet been defined but the title of the album will surely take the following name: "The Chosen One". The entire album, currently in the works, will be produced by Biagio Totaro, singer, and guitarist of Last Day Before Holiday and Black Hole Dream.

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