Behind The Artworks: Aawks - (((((Heavy on the Cosmic))))) (2022)

The cover depicts a purple figure with a floating orb above its head, blue mountains, and an orange sky all of which is supposed to represent another dimension or a different planet or somewhere other than our regular blue sky, green trees everyday earth. Sean Alten(Fly Graphics and Dead Cosmetics) and I went back and forth with a few different concepts and landed on that cover after a few other tries. I’ve always loved how fantastical visual representations can be metaphors for our everyday lives. Such things as levitating figures, orbs, giants, shadow figures and portals pop up in our songs as something that might represent hope, love, dread, or growth. Not that there’s a right or wrong way to do it but for me, it’s just way cooler to sing about the ghost of an interdimensional warrior than it is to sing about how my feelings got hurt by a girl or something. Despite the smoldering looks on our faces, the band photo inside the album cover is supposed to represent how we’re like an AAWK-squad of alien weirdos.

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