Behind The Artworks: EB & The Deadlights - Unmarked Grave (Single) (2022)

1. Who designed the artwork?

The artwork was roughly drawn up by a good friend of ours Aaron Cushenan, or Afro as he's affectionately known amongst his peers, then we sent it to Olly Taylor who has worked with the likes of Creeper and Miss Vincent. It was cool for me because Creeper is one of my favorite bands and I have shirts with their infamous Callous Heart logo on them which he designed, so it is class to think that he has now worked with us.

2. What does the cover artwork represent?

The song itself is about being so sick of someone and they get to the point where you don't love or hate them, you just kind of think "this is how it is" and they mean about as much to you as bones in an unmarked grave. I knew for the visuals (art & video) I really wanted us to lean into the more horror centric side of the band, and since the song is about meaning nothing to someone, I really liked the thought of some form of figure without a face being involved. It then got my brain ticking for our future stuff and the tie in that Unmarked Grave will have to that, so it then led to building a concept of this group named the faceless who wear plain white masks. Also fitting considering that the last few years most people have been wearing some form of mask. But yes we will get to more on that in the not too distant future, as I don't want to give too much away haha!

3. Future plans?

Unmarked Grave is released everywhere on September 30th and we have a launch show on October 28th in Belfast which you can purchase tickets for now from! Keep in touch with us at -

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