Behind The Artworks: Exessus - Asynapse (2022)

All the artwork of this album has been carried out by Pau Pujadas, also known as pujadas_raven on Instagram and other social media. This includes the cover, the back cover, and the drawings for the lyric video of No King amongst other details like logos and other stuff. We are very proud of his work and we are really happy to consider him a member of the Exessus family. It is always a pleasure to work with him. The cover portrays different elements, each one of them conveying a specific meaning.

The kind of biological spaceship resembles our minds and their journey through life, which is in constant change and alive. Its biological shape and nature give an unnatural feeling similar to that of a parasite that infects everything in its path. This is related to the fact that sometimes our mind is not in equilibrium, and we can feel like an intruder is inside of us. This intruder can also be interpreted as the difficult things we face in life.

The galaxy is full of neurons that are related to the name of the album ‘Asynapse’, resembling these failed connections in our brains.

The back cover portrays an exploding planet, which could be related to a failure in life.

In general, the artwork is a representation of the human brain in a decaying state. It portrays your psychological universe. It is a symbol of the human mind.

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