Behind The Artworks: Scars Of The Flesh - In Darkness Alone (2022)

Bryan: The artwork was designed in its earliest form right after we recorded the title track "In Darkness Alone". We had some discussions about recording a single song and putting it out by itself originally, so after recording the song, I sat down and came up with this as a more simplistic reaper design, almost like a drawing made by chalk in a cave or something. I wanted a simpler design to represent the solitude and darkness of that song. The symbol behind the reaper is something I saw online that I did my own variation of, its meaning from where I saw it was "at one with darkness" so I felt it fitting. The art sat around for quite a while and got updated several times over the course of recording the rest of the album, as we decided the title track was just too epic of a song to release alone. The decision to use just the SF logo instead of the full one was something we were leaning toward in the end, the stripped down abbreviated logo in my opinion sits better with the stripped down artwork. So many bands are going with immensely detailed extravagant artwork, I felt this was a good unusual change of pace.

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