Behind The Scenes: Intruder 424 - Make It Out Alive (Music Video)

“Make It Out Alive” was written with a meaning behind it that hopefully anyone could relate to. The “Make It Out Alive” line in the chorus we hope people relate to for anything they are struggling with in their own personal life with the mind set of always overcoming the obstacle no matter if it’s someone or something standing in your way.

For the music video, I reached out to a friend of mine (PJ Farley from Fozzy) who had shot a video with Alex Kouvatsos (Black Wolf Imaging). We loved the way it looked and knew he would do a great job working with us so I reached out to him. We started talking about ideas and we landed on an industrial look to the video. It's shot at a warehouse in Paterson New Jersey. The look of the video is all really Alex's idea. He directed the whole music video shoot. We did talk about the theme of colors. We wanted to keep it with three main colors Black, Red, and White. We feel the song and video complement each other very well.

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