Behind The Tracks: Andrew Thomases - Two Sides (Single) (2022)

“Two Sides” is a rock track with a contemplative theme. I sometimes feel like I have two personalities. One that always wants to go out, have fun, be the life of the party and the center of attention. The other side sometimes just wants to hang out at home, cozy up with a good book/movie/TV show, and chill out. My mood would often change and would depend on the time. This split in my desires used to really bother me, but then I learned that it was totally ok. It’s just something in my personality and there is no need to change it just to fit in. It is ok to have “two sides.”  

The song structure matches the theme in the song. It starts out slow and contemplative, with an acoustic guitar and simple instrumentation. Then, the choruses actually change tempo and have a much more driving beat with electric guitar, driving bass, and big drum fills. The verses again return to the contemplative tempo and mellower tone. A horn-filled bridge rounds out the musical structure.      

The song is a bit more introspective than some of my other tracks, and I was a bit nervous to put my personality out there. But, I am hoping my message will help others come to the same realization that it is ok to change moods and have split desires. We don’t need to have an “always on” personality and don’t always need to be the center of attention. Having “two sides” is alright.   

Thanks for listening! Check out “Two Sides” here.

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