Behind The Tracks: The Fair Attempts - My Frozen Heart (Single) (2022)

Friendly Timo, the man behind the music, revealed his inspiration for this song. "I got inspired by the state of the world after all of this Covid panic. The world around us seems to be teeming with all kinds of conflicts and crises that potentially continue to create even more conflicts. In the dystopian story of TFA, mankind finds itself in a state of the world brought on by constant conflict. I wanted to depict a state of soul and mind of a person in the middle of it all. Some of us live in a constant state of conflict even within ourselves."
He also said, "I started writing this song at the same time as I was producing the "Bloodsport" cover song for Jessi Frey and MC Raaka Pee from Turmion Kätilöt, so I feel it has a lot of the same type of energy in it." In the middle of never-ending conflict, The Fair Attempts almost celebrates it at the same time as shedding light on the root cause of it all.

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