Behind The Tracks: Moon Fever - Live Fast Die Young (Single) (2022)

Mitch Micoley: After moving to Seattle, I locked myself into my studio above the venue El Corazon and spent every day writing and defining the next chapter of Moon Fever’s sound. Once I had a few that I felt strongly about, I went to Los Angeles to flush out and record with our producer, Jim Kaufman.
Those instrumentals were used to search out our new singer. We met and rocked with some great ones and made some new friends, but there was something different when Triston entered the room. He came prepared with lyrics to six songs and when we kicked into what would become “Live Fast Die Young”, we all felt this electrical current floating in the air. It was right, it was magic!
We finalized the song and lyrics that day, went downstairs to the Funhouse, toasted our future and within a week, we went to LA and finished this electric fast paced track about living your life how you want with no regrets. You only have one, you better live it to the fullest!

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