Behind The Tracks: Standard Broadcast - I Meant What I Said (Single) (2022)

This was a super fun song that we wrote in one night. There was lyric input from almost every band member, which was a blast!

We honestly just had a fun night of the whole band throwing out lyrics, I typically write most of our songs but this was just a really good time. Mostly just dealing with wanting a relationship to be over with once and for all. We’ve all reached that point where we know….this isn’t going to work, so you just want to move on from that person.

We had a fantastic time recording with producer Jimmy Hoyson and the Vault Recording Studio in Pittsburgh. Jimmy splits his time between Pittsburgh and LA and has six Grammys to his credit. He’s been such a pleasure to work with and instrumental to this song in particular. He liked our first rough version but had us go back and write the bridge for the song…I was really impressed to his dedication to our project and that’s why we’re working with him on our entire next album.

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