Track By Tracks: Eternal Closure - At the Center Of It All – Chapter I (2022)

1. Conflict I:

It starts off with a false sense of warmth and security. It’s a pretty intro that is quickly thrown away for fast-paced tapping riffs, syncopated rhythmic patterns, and distorted vocals. There’s a bit of everything in this song. It’s fast, melodic, and pretty relentless when it kicks into full gear. It also gives an overview of the dynamic between Kat and I (Olivier) singing. The end of the song is essentially the same heavy thrash riff with different variations to fully beat it into people’s heads. Marine helped a lot in figuring out interesting little details throughout this one. Many elements are reprised in Conflict II, the song that ends the second half of the album. The lyrics deal with both sides of an argument lying or bending the truth to make their position seem like the only valid one. It’s a super destructive mindset. “What’s your message? Who are you?” at the end of the chorus is essentially me calling upon everyone, to be honest with themselves and others.

2. Practice What You Preach:

This song is a full-on thrash assault for most of its duration. The chorus then becomes a bit more of a heavy groove. I think it’s the first time we’ve had a chorus with 0 clean vocals in it when the verses do feature some. It’s definitely a showcase for Kat. The riffs then become a bit more prog in nature while retaining the thrashy aggressiveness. After the end of the bridge, we bring the song down into a soft clean bridge that slowly develops into this anthemic guitar duo section and eventually goes back to the beginning of the song with the intensity at its peak. The ambient outro then leads directly into Exiled. The lyrics deal with people who think they have it all figured out and resent other people they judge not worthy of speaking on anything.

3. Exiled:

This song calms the pace down a little bit, with the emphasis being on vocal harmonies and overall melodic writing. There’s a good amount of clean guitars during the verses (mostly as back and forth with the vocals) and harsh vocals are used sparingly. There are a lot of my Killswitch Engage influences coming back in this one. The song also probably has my favorite guitar solo I’ve ever written. I’ve never been much of a lead guitar player but a big effort was made into improving that for this album. This song showcases it the best. Phil had a lot of elements to add to this song and made it what it is. Philippe also has a killer drum track on this one, one of my favorites of his for sure. It’s one of my favorite tracks personally, I feel like everything is right where it should be. Lyrically, it’s a more introspective song about staying true to yourself and only changing for your own sake, not how society tells you to.

4. Dimensions Apart:

This one was mainly written by Jonathan but had a bit of a different structure initially. It’s more-or-less the sequel to a song from our album Screaming In Silence called Wake Up Dead. It was also mixed with ideas Jo had for other songs that were never used. It’s a pretty straightforward banger, with me showcasing my grittier singing. I wrote and recorded the drums which was a lot of fun. I’ve always played drums and have recorded a bit of drumming on every Eternal Closure album so far. It’s also the first song in Eternal Closure history to feature 7-String guitars. Helps us give a bit it a bit of extra thickness and variety. Lyrics were also written by Jonathan, with me ironing out little things here and there. It’s about the disconnect between generations that was created in part by technology.

5. From One Side to Another:

This one was the first song I ever wrote with my 7-String guitar. It’s quite different from everything we’ve done before. It’s super heavy but it’s also a bit simpler and slower than our usual sound. It was probably the hardest song to write and took quite a while to properly arrange. From the moment I started writing it a year ago to the album’s recording, there was always something a bit off about the intro and the arrangement lacked finesse. I remember Phil in particular not being the biggest fan at first but growing to love it more and more as it evolved into the beast it is today. Philippe wrote the lyrics for this one and also had a bit more to say about the writing of it than on the other songs. The drum writing in particular is quite different from what I had written for him at first. The lyrics are about knowing the path ahead but finding the strength to go through the challenge it poses.

6. Moonrider:

This song is a mix between an old song from Marine and me putting a more Eternal Closure spin on it. It’s a dark and more ambient song, almost what you could consider a heavy ballad. Putting this one together came pretty seamlessly and it was a lot of fun for me to stretch my writing a little and meet Marine’s style halfway. The chorus is a callback to lyrics from Exiled. The ending minute and a half are one of my favorite moments on the record. It’s so cathartic, it gives me goosebumps every time. We thought it was a nice way to end the first half of At the Center of It All. Leaves you with those big emotions and makes you want more. Lyrically, it’s about feeling the weight of the world on your shoulder and finding no solutions. It’s about the want to disappear when you can’t seem to find your place in society.

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