Track By Tracks: Humaniac - Until The Light Fakes Us (2022)

1. Owl, Moloch and Redwood Trees:

This song was written back in 2013. We usually spend a lot of time on each track but this one was almost ready in a day. Some of us consider it the best Humaniac song.

2. Zuckerbrin Firewall:

This is also an old song, finished in 2015. Although it sounds 'death metal', it was fully inspired by Norwegian black metal classics.

3. Daath:

Originally composed as an interlude, then it became an intro to the next song.

4. ... of 42, Childhood and Recursive Survival:

The only song with Russian lyrics (that tells a crazy story about aliens in the manner of D. Adams) and the latest composed. The most epic track on the album.

5. Randolph Carter:

Also an intro to the next track. The title refers to H.P. Lovecraft's character and his dream quest.

6. Vulture:

It a quite an old song too. The riffs in the last part of the song utilize the so-called organ point, a rather rare trick in metal music.

7. Cage, Caste, Competition:

This song from our old album Abandon the Eternity (2014) was brought to mind, re-recorded, and remastered. The most deathcore track here.

8. The Semblant Dichotomy:

Also a previously released track in a new interpretation. The lyrics are very personal.

9. The Fountain and the Light It Scorches:

Again, a song that our listeners already know. The electronic part definitely blows your mind.

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