Track By Tracks: A Moments Notice - LOTUS (2022)

A track-by-track rundown of A Moments Notice Metalcore band based out of Sacramento California. We embarked on a journey less than 8 months ago, a band that started as a solo project from Greg Molina to a full lineup of guys ready to push past the limits of the music they made before the forming of this band. Lotus is a 5 track E.P. paying a lot of attention to multiple topics that we found special to us.

1. Light The Way:

The first track on the record speaks a lot about people finding out about their disabilities or their shortcomings that affected their lives in many ways. The first words “No Longer Broken” start the song with energy that explodes. The song was meant to be powerful and show people they are their own light and that not living up to everyone else’s idea of how they should be is okay. The song is embracing you and the full version of that and not feeling lost and broken.

2. Offerings:

Switching up the mood of the tracks, offerings come in with a certain level of anger that most people wouldn’t understand at first. The song is about the feeling of never being good enough for everyone and wanting to be in a better mindset, but the world almost feels like you have a blade to your wrist and almost commands you to live in its reality. The song is about giving every bit of you to be you and not letting anyone, or anything stop you.

3. Time Keeper:

Oh, we have reached this part in the aggression of the E.P. the song opens with a giant bark, the song doesn’t hold back with its fast and complex guitar riffs it flows with ease. The song timekeeper is a song that talks about people who tell you that you have to do things at a certain time or you are “too old” or “let the young guys do it”. This song is all about saying it's never too late to do what you love.

4. Under The Skyline:

This song might not be everyone’s cup of tea but had to be said. The song talks about the wealthy making the choices for the less fortunate and we all felt like it's one of those moments that you were not able to make your own choices because you were raised in another tax bracket. The message is to people that they have so much power and that their voices are heard. This song is for the people!

5. So This Is Dreaming:

Have you had your heart broken? Well, it wouldn’t be metalcore without a few of these little heartbroken songs. The song talks about being hurt by someone you thought so highly of and still do but the feeling of having your heart ripped out was overwhelming. This one goes out to all the people who love “sad/ angry music, for happy people.

Thank you for sticking with us for this moment to tell you about our minds of us and what the record was like for us. We hope to see you at the next show.

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