Track By Tracks: Necessary Evil - Beautiful Death (2022)

1. Red Room:

This is a composition about the vices that can doze in every person. Instead of striving for something more, developing themselves and doing something useful, people run after entertainment, spending their lives on it. Thus a person loses himself. The character of the song got hooked on the snuff video, not thinking that one day he would be in the place of a participant in this disgusting show.

2. Attractive Evil:

This composition has a fictional story: a young guy who is having fun to the fullest in Amsterdam, meets a girl in a bar and spends a passionate night with her. After he wakes up the next day, the girl disappears, and the character sees himself in the mirror as an old man. Initially, we did not put any sense into this composition, as well as into some others. However, this story serves as a great metaphor for how a person sometimes recklessly spends the most valuable resource that he has - his time.

3. Forever Lost:

The composition Forever Lost tells the story of unsuccessful relationships, which, unfortunately, are so common in our world. Playing with the feelings of other people, the girl does not notice how she is wasting herself and her strengths on senseless intrigues. One of those betrayed by such a person looks with pleasure at how she is rewarded according to her merits, as her own life collapses. The character himself says farewell to his past nightmare. This song is a kind of call to sincerity, everyone should know exactly what he wants and not deceive either others or himself. It is worth remembering that the harsh reality makes a person adapt, and put on a mask, but inside each of us remains a person with his own feelings and emotions.

4. Last Party:

Composition with a fictional story: the main character receives an invitation to a private party. In the middle of a party, the hostess of the establishment brings him an unusual drink, after which the guy loses consciousness. After that, the careless hero turns into a vampire and loses his human self. This composition does not contain morality or hidden meaning. It was inspired by the computer game VTM: Bloodlines and therefore contains direct references to the vampire game itself - the characters of Sisters Vaughan (Teresa and Janet) are the hostesses of the Asylum nightclub. According to the game, this is just one character - a fairly authoritative vampire with a split personality. In our video for this song, there is a frame that hints at this. This track is the first track that was written for a full-length album.

5. Deathnote:

The composition Deathnote describes the personal growth of a man who has gone through many obstacles and achieved success. All those who interfered with a person or did not believe in him got into his "death note" - this is an image symbolizing the need to leave unnecessary people in the past and never return to them. It should be understood that many people are just fellow travelers who don’t owe to be with you throughout their lives. If the moment has come when something has ceased to unite you, or the relationship has begun to be a burden, then you need to be able to let go of the person and move on.

6. Guilty Pleasure:

A composition with a fictional story: a rich guy comes to a private club, where people get only by special invitation. He wants to hang out properly and find a girlfriend for the night. There's a party going on in the club, everyone's having fun as they want. Before the eyes of the hero appears a charming girl dancing on a pole. She captivates him and absorbs all his attention. The main character is already starting to dream about her. At the end, when the guests had almost dispersed, this girl called him with her to spend time together. When the characters had already begun to indulge in passion, the girl turned into a succubus and tore her lover...

This composition does not contain morality or hidden meaning

7. I Saw the Devil:

Composition with a fictional story: Dr. Thomas, the main character, conducted experiments that did not find approval in the eyes of his colleagues. However, he was obsessed with his work and ideas, which eventually drove him crazy. He heard voices in his head, on his phone. He tried to resist them, but they got the better of him. The doctor killed his clients and made obedient puppets out of them. This composition is a small short horror film. It contains no morality or hidden meaning. The song was inspired by the old movie The Doctor and the Devils, however, it does not illustrate it but presents its own plot.

8. Virtual Love:

I'm interested in sci-fi, dystopia, and cyberpunk themes, so I reflected these in such compositions as Virtual Love and Cyberpsychosis. Now is the time when people get acquainted on the Internet, fall in love and even start relationships at a distance, without meeting each other in real life. Sometimes this approach can become self-deception, the death of a Virtual Love character in the digital space is a metaphor for this. Therefore, in the digital age, you should not deprive yourself of the simple joys of real life. A person first of all needs a person and not his profile photo on social networks.

9. Dark Dances:

I love not only heavy but also electronic music, especially Dark Electro. The dance composition Dark Dances is about finding time to rest, relax and at least sometimes be distracted from everyday routine and problems that will always be. Therefore, Dark Dances is a call to live life to the fullest.

10. Cyberpsychosis:

The thoughts in the composition Cyberpsychosis are simple: the future is now, science makes it possible to compensate for the drawbacks of the human body, and programs can already connect to the nervous system and even respond to signals from the human brain. The main thing for us is that this is for the good and does not destroy our human self.

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