Track By Tracks: Oaks - Genesis Of The Abstract (2022)

Our First album Genesis of the Abstract is a conceptual one. The main idea is the creation of the abstract as a concept.  We write it to be like a long song of 35mns. However, each track has its own meaning and atmosphere.

1. The Genesis:

As the intro of the journey, we wanted to create a loud and sub-toned ambient sound. The spoken text is the explanation of the concept we will develop all along the album.

2. The Void:

Nothing starts everything. We wanted something loud, heavy, and with a sub-woofing sound. We felt that using binary and ternary tempo enhances the sensation of a path into the vacuum.

3. The Harmonist:

This is one of our oldest songs, a long and progressive musical fresco with a different atmosphere.

The first part is Cathedra-influenced while the 2d part is more post-metal. The story behind this one is after the Emptiness, the melody rises from the darkness to allow Creation.

4. The Chasm:

In the deepness of the stone and dust the Matter is born, malformed, and aggressive. We wanted this song more on a major mode, with a Tool touch, and a catchy melody.

5. The Dawn:

This is the interlude of the album, a clean guitar song.
As the dawn of the day, we wanted a moment of calm in the album.

6. The Abstract:

The matter and the creation are in synergy in an atonal and arrhythmic ballet.
The abstract is carved in the dust of the morning stars.

There are some strange tempos on this one, but the idea was to make it easy to listen to and hard-banged and not some mind-bursting proggy song.

7. The Shape:

The last song of the album is a repetitive rhythm on a single riff that we enhance with more and more loops.

The spoken text is the 2d part of the concept of the intro ambient sound, bringing the story full circle.

At the end of the journey, the Matter found its way and is shaped is modeled in a harmonious form. From the Void rises the Abstract!

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