Track By Tracks: Soturit - Myötätuuleen (2022)

1. Poikani (eng. ”My son”):

A song written from the perspective of a father warning his son about different dangers and terrors of the world. The chorus tells the son to always keep his blade sharp, even in peaceful times. The song has a Finnish background of constant readiness next to an unpredictable neighbor. A solid opener track with a great drum fill and an awesome guitar solo.

2. Vapaus (eng. ”Freedom”):

A song about the importance of freedom. Greatly inspired by the American saying” Give me liberty or give me death”. One of the faster songs on the album.

3. Synkill’ ahoilla (eng. ”In somber meadows”):

A song about a man whose prideful actions have caused him to lose all. A lament with Slavic undertones in the main melody.

4.Talvi viimeinen (eng. ”The last winter”):

This song is about the hardships of winter. The sound was crafted with Iceland in mind. Beautiful melodies are set against harsh lyrics about how winter is the death of all life.

5. Petetty (eng. ”Betrayed”):

A song about friendship and betrayal. An epic power ballad with a chorus so catchy it will have you humming the tune for days to come. Inspired by not-so-tragic events (my friends did not wait for me to play Operation Flashpoint). The juicy solo is played by Eemeli Tammero of Atomic Annie.

6. Älä pelkää (eng. ”Be not afraid”):

A song dedicated to my son. The only song with absolutely no percussive instruments in it.

7. Rutto (eng. ”Plague”):

A song about a biblical plague descending on a people engaged in horrible activities. Heaviest song on the album with proper chugging. Lightly inspired by the recent pandemic.

8.”Röhniin” (eng. ”To Röhn”):

A song about longing for a mythical land where the beer flows evermore and there is no more sorrow or winter. One of the most traditional power metal songs on the album.

9. Alta maan (eng. ”From under the earth”):

A song about a warrior rising from his grave. The warrior in question has an antidote to all the shit in the modern world. Written from a ”slightly” frustrated perspective of rap music dominating the radio stations for too long.

10. Alla katteen kuusien (eng. ”Under the canopy of the spruce trees”):

A traditional power metal song about a group of warriors returning home, where friends with cold flagons of beer await. Meanwhile, the fathers of the soldiers are beyond the veil of death joining in their celebrations. Inspired by a habit of walking & drinking in freezing temperatures.

11.Myötätuuleen (eng. ”To the fair wind”):

A song retelling a story of a great warrior who fell in battle. The song's name comes from the ashes of the fallen warriors' funeral pyre blowing in the wind. One of the best bridges I’ve ever written.

12. Kaatuneille (eng. ”To the fallen”):

A song in remembrance of fallen brothers. A ballad of epic proportions with a solo to die for. Also, the only song on the record to feature a narration. A suitable final track for a great album. Previously released on an old EP under a different name.

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