Track By Tracks: SYRYN - Heads Or Tails (2022)

1. Surrender:

Sloan: This song is about never giving up. It’s about standing up for ourselves, and for all of those before us… persevering no matter what and fighting with everything we have in us not to give in or give up. From the aspect of the Sailor, he knows the Siren is trying to break him. She’s got a plan, and she’s about to execute it. He doesn’t let her. He has to fight back, no matter what it takes. Hold your head high, and FIGHT!  

Lyxx: This one is about fighting back against everything or anyone that's trying to put you down. You chant “Fight” at the end to signify that you have an army to back you and you feel unstoppable.  
Paulo: The album opener has some moody and intricate passages and moves through some different melodies. This song builds up to a triumphant and thrashy rebellious gang vocal of “Fight”.   

Byron: A fun start to the album, both musically and lyrically.

2. ‘Til We Drown:

Sloan: This song talks about the life of a Pirate. Rigging the ship and returning from pillage with a generous amount of treasure. OBVIOUSLY, you’re ready to celebrate. Best way to do it? Have a drink and party! Reminiscing about your journey, your battles, your accomplishments. Raising a glass to your comrades, drinkin’ it down ‘til you drown and chanting through the night!  

Lyxx: This is a fun one about drinking! Or drinking water if you don’t like mead! When you're out at sea and have spent many weeks pillaging and plundering, you reward yourself with a drink, and it is a law that you drink it down, til you drown!  

Paulo: Set out on a pirate adventure! Let’s get drunk and stumble around on a ship until we cause our own demise. Mid-tempo and has a constant spirited groove.

Byron: The drinking song of album #2. A song with the same level of seriousness and drunkness as “ Three Sheets To The Wind ”  

3. Walk The Plank:

Sloan: You’ve been captured. You’re terrified. What can you do? Beg? Plead? Ask for forgiveness? Anything to keep you alive! Sorry, not happening. Pirates are pirates. They have no soul and they cannot be reasoned with. Looks like you’re on a salty trip to the bottom of the ocean, me hearty. Sorry, not sorry.  

Lyxx: In this one, you are caught and have to beg for your life to stay on the ship. You’ve been captured and ordered to Walk the Plank. Will you survive?  

Paulo: Fastest and most energetic track on the album. You’re about to meet your doom matey.

Byron: Fast, thrashy song that shows the panic and fear of walking the plank.

4. Sink Or Swim:

Sloan: Aside from the evident sinking or swimming, this song is about endurance. It’s about trials and tribulations and how we handle them. The uncertainties of life and how we navigate them. We internally fight with ourselves, our past, and our consciences daily. This is a prime example of processes we go through when we are scared or in the dark not knowing what lies ahead. We can’t go back, only forward. Will we sink, or will we swim?  

Lyxx: You still got kicked off the ship. Hope you know how to swim!  

Paulo: Still has some vigorous speed carried over from the last song and now you’re in the water, you’re screwed if you can’t swim… and watch out for the sharks!!!  

Byron: Great riffs and gang vocals on this song, swim to live another day or sink and meet your doom!!!!  

5. Madness Becomes Me:

Sloan: This song represents uncertainty and confusion. Am I hearing this? Am I seeing this? Is it real, in my mind or is someone or something placing these thoughts there? An internal battle of disorientation eventually renders us mad. We are tortured and we are blind. It’s got a hold of me and it’s overwhelming. We crave peace and solace. Whatever this is… whoever you are… please let go of me.   
Lyxx: The Siren is starting to feel some conflict about her troubles at sea. Maybe this life is no longer fulfilling.   

Paulo: Power Ballad-ish type of feel.  Entices the listener to bring some insight into the siren’s own conscience.  

Byron: Siren's debut of the album. Enticing the drunk sailors who had won the fight depicted earlier in the album.  

6. Fist Full Of Daggers: 

Sloan: You’ve been driven to madness, and now you’re full of hate. You were pushed to your limits. You were lied to, misled, and made to look a fool. You don’t trust anyone and you can see true colors shown. Backed against a wall, all you can do is fight your way out. You find yourself with a fist full of daggers and nothing will stand in your way.  

Lyxx: Sometimes, people just get on your nerves and you want to give them a fist full of daggers.  

Paulo: Slow grooving and powerful tempos with some almost blast beats. When you’ve been pushed to your breaking point and someone is gonna feel the jab of your dagger, metaphorically.

7. Heads Or Tails:

Sloan: This song speaks to perspective. It speaks to choices and the various paths we can take in life. We never know which to take. Sometimes it’s the right one, sometimes it’s the wrong one. How do we know which one to choose? The last one we took maybe didn’t lead us where we wanted it to. Maybe it’s got hurtful memories, but we must still move forward. We must find our place in life within ourselves even though we are unsure of where it may lead. In times of peril and ambivalence, we let the coin decide.  

Lyxx: In this one, the Siren is struggling with all the chaos and calamity around her. She is confused by her need to kill and feed but transfixed on the guilt afterward. Why is she conflicted if this is her purpose? Could she choose a different path?  

Paulo: Dang, what Lyxx said  

Byron: POWER BALLAD!!!! 
8. Succubus Queen:
Sloan: You are cordially invited to the celebration…. Here, we introduce one powerful and feared, bad-ass bitch, The Succubus Queen. She’s gorgeous, she’s enticing, she’s terrifying and you’re being brought to grovel at her feet. She’s got plans for you and you’re not going to like it… or will you? Drain your soul in the depths of infatuation and find out.

Lyxx: She chose a different path for sure! lol  

Paulo: Intricate intensity and mighty shifts musically. Has the Siren lost her mind and gone even eviler?  

Byron: Intense end to the album with lots of cool twists and turns to show the true evil mind of the Siren.  

Amanda Kiernan: Working with Syryn was such a great experience. Creating this song and being able to collaborate with such talented beings is an honor. They constantly push themselves and go way outside the norm with everything they do! Syryn is taking you on a whole new journey with this new album. It's Tasty Licks and a wild spin on Pirates... Sirens.. and Succubus… lure you in wanting more! I am so grateful for the Love and Support Syryn has shown me. Thank you for reminding me where I come from and that near and far we are a Metal Family xo

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