Band Biographies: Dead Soul Revival

Dead Soul Revival is a hard rock/post-grunge band from Los Angeles formed in 2020 by vocalist/guitarist Matt Clark and drummer Scott Freak (both formerly of Freakhouse) and bassist Kendall Clark who has spent the last few years writing and recording their debut album Ignite set for release worldwide via Sliptrick Records. The group's name comes from being at a low point but having the strength and hope to be alive again.

The music of Dead Soul Revival is a blend of heavy guitars, powerful drums, and electronics. The lyrics are heartfelt and inspired by Matt Clark’s soaring vocals and Les Paul bringing the song's vibe and attitude all at once. Add in Kendall’s thick, melodic bass lines holding down the bottom end and Scott’s thundering tribal rhythms and you have the recipe for a band to be reckoned with.

Dead Soul Revival is:

Matt Clark – Vocals/Guitar
Kendall Clark – Bass
Scott Freak – Drums

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