Band Biographies: Frozen Sand

"We narrate concepts and stories through Time and space by means of Modern Progressive/Alternative Metal. We are THE NARRATORS, 5 artists coming from different backgrounds and experiences, but united by friendship, enthusiasm, and a deep passion to share: MUSIC.

FROZEN SAND is our experimental project: a dreamy musical entity begotten by the collision between the art of storytelling and the great auditory power of music. Everything began in 2010 in Borgomanero, a small provincial town located in the foothills of the Italian Alps, where the lakes opaquely mirror the shapes of those historical villages of which the slopes are speckled. The zealous dream soon took a shape, gradually concretizing into notes… words… emotions.

In 12 years of musical experience and with the same band setup since the beginning, to date, we have performed live in 70 different locations, including indoor pubs and outdoor festivals. Perfectly balanced and diversified, our artistic streak and technical skills gave birth, throughout the years, to 3 EPs and finally, in 2017, to a full-length concept album, “Fractals: a Shadow out of Lights”, as part of the FRACTALS’ SAGA.

Currently working on the next album, as a conclusion of the saga, we are carrying on their sparkle of a dream… an endless journey through the abyss of human imagination… a huge project whose music is spaceless and whose stories are timeless.

Today, after 5 years from our latest album, we are finally proud to release our brand-new single: THE AFTERTASTE. It’s really been an infinite work, starting from a musical idea created by guitarist Mattia “The Skeptic”, back in 2018. We changed the first draft many times in the following months, at the end turning it into a yet melodic and catchy but also harsh and powerful prog-rock song. For such reason, we decided to release this very song, THE AFTERTASTE, as the first official single of our new upcoming album, 'Fractals: a Light among Shadows'.

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