Behind The Tracks: A Cure For Love - Anor Londo (Single) (2022)

The name comes from a certain area in the first and third games in the Dark Souls franchise. It’s the most toxic online experience when trying to play with friends and if you stay online to play with them through the area it takes forever, especially on the first time through. Dark Souls 3 was the first game we really spent time playing with our friend Brendon when he was absorbed into the friend group, it’s fair to say it’s one of his favorite games. Brendon eventually became our bassist and helped write the song and many of the songs from the second album, but the full name really comes from a phrase Kristian, our guitarist/vocalist, would yell out on occasion while playing.
Kristian chose the name as an homage to Brendon; he is still in the band but has moved out of state and because of the influence he had on the album it only seemed right to have some tribute to him. Song names for us generally have a very specific reference, in this case we are talking about a close friend moving away from us and that game we all like and spent time bonding over. We try to have them have a more open meaning as well, something anyone could relate to their life. In the case of Anor Londo it’s a pretty punishing level until you learn to navigate it. Not unlike a close relationship, one you are trying to build with a new friend, rekindle with an old one, or maybe even a relative. The idea that a relationship can be, not always of course, difficult to maintain.

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