Behind The Tracks: GHOST IN THE MACHINE - Muevete (Single) (2022)

A night in the old Spanish quarter streets, filled with dancing, tapas, and too much Sangria...what could go wrong? What could go right? In those streets, where things go bump in the night and shadowy figures lurk down dark alleyways, strangers meet during a fiesta and live life to the fullest. In that madness, could they find a special connection?

The idea for the song "Muevete" was conceived over several trips to Spain. During these trips, we experienced Spanish culture, food, nightlife, and Flamenco. We fell in love with all of them. We saw Flamenco shows and also Flamenco street performances. In both cases, it was breathtaking. The shows had an ambiance and mystique and were incredible to behold. Amazing performers who are masters at their skills. The passion and intensity that they exuded were exhilarating. While musically very different from Western music, the rawness genuinely drew us in - it was mesmerizing. We couldn't help but appreciate the similarities between the characteristic Flamenco sound of Phrygian/Harmonic minor scales and that of metal and industrial music. Yet still so completely different. It left such an impression on us that on returning to the USA, we wanted to create a song inspired by it.

As we began experimenting with musical ideas, "Muevete" became an ethnic blend of electronic and rock shaped by that Spanish influence, in particular by the sound of Flamenco. We started by playing dark and tense passages with acoustic guitars and then added in heavy bass and a Latin beat. We intermingled rock, electronic and industrial elements evolving the atmosphere. Finally, we collaborated with Caela, who brought her own twist calling upon her Hispanic heritage. Lyrically, we wanted to keep it simple and fun but true - like the experiences we had in Spain and how they made us feel - dancing, festivals, freedom, expression, celebration, and enjoying life to the fullest. Vocally, we thought it would be cool to have an interplay between Caela and C4 and even an interplay between English and Spanish.

Make no mistake, we don't claim this song to be anything close to Flamenco nor would we claim to have the musicality of Flamenco musicians. But they have left their mark on us. "Muevete" is inspired by that. To us, it is a very unique and cool song. Forever a reminder of our travels in Spain.


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