Behind The Tracks: Monovoth - Servants (Single) (2022)

In my head "Servants" thematically is about submission to sadness as a higher power, Given it is an instrumental record sometimes it is difficult to translate emotion to notes, but I view the whole album as a transformative experience in which I was able to express the feelings I had at the moment.

The whole album has two main inspirations, one being emotional and the other artistical, artist Andrea Navarro did a piece of art for me and that actually kick-started and inspired me to imagine some kind of lovecraftian lore or background in which there would be some kind of interstellar death-mourn-worshipping cult, waiting and praying to a deity (which can be seen in the album cover).

Musically, it's quite a minimalistic song, and while the guitar has a specific melody, the bass is really the foundation of it all, carrying the song towards its momentum with a more aggressive beat without losing the sad melody that defines it. It was probably one of the last songs I wrote for the record and one of the more distinct ones.

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