Behind The Tracks: Pulpit Vomit - Ghost In The Bedroom Closet (Single) (2022)

'Ghost in the Bedroom Closet' was written about a ghost of a child that I thought was living in a closet of my childhood home. I was probably about 11 years old, had seen Poltergeist and a few other horror movies way too early in life. But I didn't think that I was seeing things that were made up in my head or that I was imagining this or influenced by movies I'd seen. This ghost-kid kept calling out from the closet for his mother. And he always carried a blanket. I never tried to communicate with him and hid under my own blankets when he'd start whining.

So it's one of those questions again. Is there a spirit world? Was I just being influenced by movies I'd seen? Are there ghosts?

I think that potential ghost stayed around for a couple months then just stopped appearing. After that I got really into Ninja movies so I could fight off any future ghosts if I had to.

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