Behind The Tracks: The Simple Radicals - Let's See What You Got (Single) (2022)

We were playing a show at the Diesel Lounge outside of Detroit, Michigan. It's a great club where some phenomenal Detroit area bands have played including Kid Rock, Buckcherry, Jack White and many more. I was standing in the crowd of the packed house waiting to play, and a guy came up to me and wanted to know about our band. I told him our sound is a combination of Foo Fighters/Pearl Jam/Green Day/Cheap Trick. He says, "cool, let's see what you got."

That line stuck with me for a couple months while we were touring and I realized that's what people are literally thinking when they go see us or any other band. They're in anticipation of a great show and at the end of the day are saying to us...let's see what you got. So the song I wrote is a testament to our new fan and describes what The Simple Radicals and our fans (old and new) think about at every show. In fact, the song became a soundtrack for a couple of "best of" videos for World Wrestling ("Let's See What You Got" - WWE) and rodeo ("Let's See What You Got" - Rodeo).

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