Behind The Tracks: Void Cruiser - Happiness (Single) (2022)

Happiness was born through everyone’s stake. It is sort of an embodiment of our shared conscious and subconscious experiences. It all started with Teemu showing a killer riff to the rest of us at the rehearsal place. This was to become the heavy main riff for the song. We jammed it many times with different types of verses and choruses until Antti came up with the mellow and atmospheric intro riff. This kind of (re)set the ground for the song and now it had a clear mood to it, which we started to build on. Then Vili did his magic with the lead guitar in the verses and Lassi introduced the bridge and ending parts to add some diversity to the song. Santeri was also tightly part of the whole process and found inspiration for the lyrics from his past relationship, pouring some of that frustration to the fragile yet powerful sound that the song delivers. Regardless that we enjoy the entire album through and through, Happiness is possibly the whole band’s collective favorite piece.

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