Track By Tracks: Black Code - Black Code (2022)

1. Immortals: 

Simple chronicle of the battle of Thermopylae that testifies that the contrasts between the West and the East arced from afar.

2. Under attack:

Considerations about the successive governments in our country that have hidden so many things from us to our detriment.

3. Black Flag:

Song dedicated to pirates for that we like them and that in order to survive we must behave somewhat like them.

4. Lovemanimal:

This song is about a relationship between two very different people who reach an understanding only by loving each other in a violent way.

5. The Wrath of God:

Our thoughts continue on the contrasts between Western and in this case Middle Eastern in a kind of new crusade.

6. But no one calls:

This piece is about a boy's alienation from video games that lead to complete detachment from reality to the point that if the world ended he would not even notice.

7. Black code: 

Talks about the verbal and psychological confrontation between a demon-possessing wretch and an exorcist priest.

8. Agony:

How do we musically see the end of life?

9. Lord of cemetery: 

So when you come to the end of life you are presented before this entity that explains your new condition to you

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