Track By Tracks: Bleeding Darkness - Rise Of The Tyrants (2022)

1. Relentless Severings:

Relentless Severings is the first song of the new EP. And for us, it was perfect for a great beginning, we wanted a short, heavy and let’s say a direct “in your face” song. So, people know who we are, what we do, and what they’ll get.

About the lyrics… the song is about a breakup... but not the typical lyrics, please don’t leave me, can’t live if living is without you... but the lyrics talk about the dark side of the breakup, the extreme... when one decides he or she can’t live anymore without the other person but both of them have to die. So, he or she decides to kill themselves both together with a knife… while losing their blood from severings (that’s where the title comes from). …so cold so close they ceased to exist. This song is the perfect one to make a bloody video… a bleeding video.

2. Rise of the Tyrants:

Rise of the tyrants is the title track of our EP. It’s also our fastest song to date. The song is made of two parts, a first half made of a verse-chorus with a fast verse tu pa tu pa.. and a groovy heavy chorus after this comes the second part that is built around a simple groovy beat, and we got it decorated, developed, and varied... lots different guitar leaks and variations, different rhythms, blast beats, and double bass drum… same for the vocals, from Whitechapel Bozeman’s growls to Black Dahlia murder Strnad’s fry screams…A must listen to hehe.

As the title track, this song is our first single and we have a lyrics video for it. The lyrics video was done by Sarrowar Hossain Seam (BD) and we are very proud of the results. Stay tuned, it will be released soon.

The lyrics are at first simplistic and as one can obviously expect it is about dictatorship, loss of freedom, false propaganda, mass manipulation, and mass control, that is to say, the tyrants personified as the dictator in a country or at the state level and all the political aspects implied, repression, obedience, killing all opponents. But they can also express their feeling in different situations where there is a dominant and submissive situation, like in a couple or a family or such in bullying. How you can feel trapped in a cage, how it can make you feel dead inside.

3. Blood in Blood out:

This is a more melodic song, also the slowest from the EP in tempo. The main riff is this typical horse galloping tagada tagada, from Iron Maiden hehe, but with the taste of The Black Dahlia Murder. It’s fun to play and it gives our drummer a bit of rest, so he won’t die live onstage jeje. This song is about someone joining a gang and how you have to pay your ”entry fees to the club” with blood from others, killing people or fighting and the only way to get out of it, is to pay with your own blood; From where the title. We all grew up in small city or even in the countryside some of us and never experienced such “gang” issue, so let’s put it in a more general viewpoint, it could be seen as joining the wrong group of people, the wrong persons you can meet in your life when you feel out of things, alone, and once you’re in or with them, there is no way back.

4. Unleash his Fury:

So, Unleashing his Fury is definitely the more “black dahlia’s alike song” in our opinion. The drummer always said he took his drum part from the song “I will return”. Obviously, it’s a TBDM like made with our musical and technical abilities, which are much less than the real ones… we didn’t copy and no plagiarism (we hope so). We love this band, and you can feel it and hear it.

As you can imagine from the title, it’s about bloody carnage, how frustrations, paranoia, and schizophrenia led someone to a rampage or becoming a maniac, a serial killer… once you’ve tasted blood, you want more…
Finally, we hope you’ll enjoy and headbang to our music!

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