Track By Tracks: Die Ghost - Wendigo (2022)

The Die Ghost half of the split opens up with an all too familiar and haunting camera shutter that goes right into “The Change”. For some of us, life started all wrong. So what do you do about it? Do you deal with it and let people push you down or do you fight back with a gruesome vengeance? The Change is a straight to the point, no bullshit story of a punk being pushed over the edge. Are you that punk? There’s a monster inside all, It seems.

Closing it out is “Velvet Vampire”. Is it real? Or is it a dream? The lines are blurred in this aggressive, no-holds-barred song about a mysterious “velvet vampire” that torments you in the night. Driving guitars and intense vocals push this song to the bridge where any hopes of rest is short-lived when you learn that death is your only escape.

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