Track By Tracks: EDGE OF HAZE - The Convoy Of Ruin (2022)

The Convoy of Ruin is a concept album reflecting on humanity's destructive path toward natural and socio-economic disasters. Each track deals with different aspects of humanity, creating a metal soundtrack to a disaster film.


The opening track Floods sets the scene for the album. It's an apocalyptic track about the natural disasters on our horizon. Floods are probably the most ambitious track on the album with a wide dynamic range and intense parts. The song culminates in an epic heavy outro that rolls over you like a tidal wave.


The second track and single of the album, The Other Side, is a versatile yet straightforward track with energetic grooves and catchy melodies. The lyrics criticize hypocrisy and how people tend to create extremes but actually fall somewhere in the middle of them. The song is musically a mix of dark rock and modern metal elements, creating colorful textures.


Moving on, Remains introduces a galactic soundscape with progressive rhythms and massive synths. The lyrics contemplate what will remain in the universe after humankind is erased from the planet. Intense riffing, double bass parts, and grandiose synth layers hit the nail on the head on this one.


The lead single of the album, Parts of Anything, is a personal journey about finding one's identity and leaving their past behind. Combined with symphonic epicness and big harmonies the track displays a full palette of what Edge of Haze has to offer – from atmospheric clean riffs to fierce blast beats.


Instead of Gravity showcases Edge of Haze with a subtle, acoustic expression, in a way not heard before. The track has a nostalgic and wistful vibe expressing hopes for freedom from mundane troubles. Building up to an epic finale, the song features guest musicians on vocals, cello, and french horn, and on top of that – a saxophone solo from the lead vocalist Markus Hentunen.


Trailblazers is a solid metal track driving forward like a locomotive. The song keeps up the album’s dystopian theme of how humanity blazes through technological advancements burning everything to the ground in the process. Groovy riffs, harsh vocals, and well-flowing composition make a great combination.


Endgame features a more extreme side to Edge of Haze with high-octane riffing and guaranteed headbanging moments. This fierce metal song is about rising above oppression and injustice in a totalitarian regime. Packed with ardent parts the song is a banger from start to finish.


Heathen is an honest yet dark-themed rock song from the perspective of a prisoner detained for their views. The lyrics are about standing up for yourself and not taking everything at face value. While being more straightforward and simple, Heathen is a groovy, compact track delivering a heartfelt message.


The final track of the album, Birth, is an epic cinematic journey, both musically and lyric-wise. The song is written from the perspective of someone left to perish on a desolated planet, full of resentment. One can imagine the last convoy of humanity leaving the planet, leaving only remnants behind.

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