Track By Tracks: Funeral Mass - Shadow Of The Raventhrone (2022)

We decided that the opening track for the album should be just like the thunderblast - introduce the listeners to the fastest and most powerful aspects of the album. 

1. With Sinister Spell:

"With Sinister Spell" is a grim story about a mind possessed by the ancient powers of evil, intoxicated with the feeling of mightiness but fully aware of the upcoming doom.

2. Shadow Of The Ravethrone:

"Shadow of the Ravethrone" is a title track, a progressive song carrying a tale of the curse of the Raventhrone - it is some kind of expansion to the previous song. The album cover art is entirely related to this one.

3. Nocturnal Eclipse:

"Nocturnal Eclipse", a slower one, the prophecy of the upcoming cosmic catastrophe.

4. Riders Of The Nebulous Lands:

"Riders of the Nebulous Lands" - I think the writing process of this song was the longest one, about 8 months (or maybe even more) of connecting riffs, testing different variants, etc. The lyrics here are more "fantasy" styled, much inspired by Tolkien's LOTR.

5. Epitaphium:

"Epitaphium" - the concept was to make the song a continuation to one of the first songs we have ever written in this band - "Thoughts of Life and Death" - this is I think the best description of the song's meaning.

6. The Great Invocations:

"The Great Invocations" - A bow to the mystical forces of the night and nature.

7. Everlasting Pagan Flame:

"Everlasting Pagan Flame" is an ode to the ancient pagan times and old Slavic gods that used to reign our lands. It is the re-recording of one of our first songs, originally from the "Cold Winds of Desolation" Demo/EP.

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