Track By Tracks: PALE HORSEMAN / BUZZHERD - SPLIT (2022)

1. Grigori:

The song "Grigori" was written about Grigori Rasputin. Rasputin is a Russian historical figure who lived a very interesting life and whose murder is legendary. Do yourself a favor and look up his story. I feel like this is one of the strongest songs we've ever recorded and it's a great album opener.

2. Exile:

The song "Exile" was inspired by the COVID 19 pandemic and the lyrics are about several plagues that have affected man over the centuries. We are all so glad that nightmare is over, for the most part.

3. Orisons:

The lyrics for the song "Orisons" are loosely based on the 1990 horror film, "The Exorcist III." Some of the lines are taken directly from the Catholic Rite Of Exorcism although they were slightly altered to fit the rhythm of the song.

4. Legions:

"Legions" was written about battles between men and mythological creatures. The Queen Of Serpents of Baltic mythology is specifically mentioned.

5. Vimanas:

"Vimanas" is an ancient Hindi word that basically translates to "flying palaces." I've been wanting to write a song about this topic for several years now, and the time was right in 2022. We had our good friend, Suzi Uzi from the band Black Road lay down the lead vocal tracks on this one, and she killed it. This is the bonus digital track of the album and unfortunately is not included on the vinyl.

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