Track By Tracks: Pistacia - Edgy (2022)


1. It Was the Cat:

This song is about self-harm. Abusive people can find their way into our lives and when they get to us too much we seek unhealthy coping mechanisms. Back in the day, people would lie about their scars saying “it was the cat.” The “cat” in our song is the person or thing that makes you hate yourself. It’s a metaphor for the reason you take out your frustrations on yourself in any way.

2. Fake a Smile:

This song is about social anxiety. Although I am the frontman of a band and like to shake it on stage, I struggle to talk to people. I find it difficult to communicate with people in large settings and sometimes I get nauseous at the thought of me saying something embarrassing. The fear of embarrassment has ruined my life for the worse. When you don’t talk to people, you fail to make connections both friend-wise and professionally. At the end of the song, the lyrics are fast and frantic. It symbolizes how my head races and breathing gets difficult when I panic. Singing this song on stage and getting those feelings out finally helped me quite a bit. Music is a beautiful thing for that.

3. N. Hale:

This song is about dissociation. A terrible symptom that can cause more pain in the long run. Whenever I am about to have a panic attack or am reminded of something traumatic, I dissociate. It’s not by choice in fact I wish I could turn it off. I just go numb and turn into a zombie. The song has few lyrics because when you dissociate, you can’t get many words out. Much like the other songs I’ve written, singing about it helps lessen the severity. Dissociating is very scary because it can happen at any time. It’s a less common symptom that fewer people talk publicly about. I hope to change that.

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