Track By Tracks: Ryth - Deceptor Creator (2022)

The album follows a singular theme and concept, it tells tales of creation and destruction. It also involves messages of realities, the darkness of said realities, hope and fears, and mysteries of the great unknown.

1. Firmament:

It takes us through the ambiance of the celestial realm of the autonomous.

2. Auto Autonomous:

This song comes from a political reality that is occurring with the workforce of modern enterprise and the creation of evolutionary technology.

3. Self-Destruct:

The tale begins with the motive of love that ultimately leads to self-destruction.

4. White Portrait: 

Diving into self and our complexity, it is black or white. You have to figure out and feel this one.

5. Spiral Flood:

We have acquired something here in this tale, we have power. Listen. Understand. Overcome.

6. Spectre:


7. Facade:

In elaboration, we reach the conclusion of the main tale of the Deceptor Creator.

8. Erebus: 

A myth of a creator.

9. Explicit Name:

Tragic, but hopeful tale of creation.

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