Track By Tracks: STONE NOMADS - Fields Of Doom (2022)


Probably the heaviest song on the album. This one starts with an ambient intro and kicks in like a rager. It's one of the faster moments throughout the album. After the tempo transition, it's got a little bit of a groovy stoner-ish feel and then straight-up Doomy heaviness on the chorus. The solo has a fast bluesy legato feel to it and kind of matches the intensity of the song. Overall it's a good blend of what we do, it has its doomy moments, definitely some slow sludginess and stoner groove, but it's got some thrashy overtones and a heavy dose of Proto-Doom which is definitely a big part of our DNA. Listen throughout and you will hear some killer drum work laid down by Dwayne.


The intro is centered around a groovy little bass line and kicks into full gear stoner-metal-style with the verse. Just when you think you're on the groove train the sludgy tempo changes hit you hard. The middle section and solo take you on a little journey. I did a matched double take on the solo to get something in the vein of an old Randy Rhoads sound. After the solo, it takes you right back on the stoner groove train and rides you out. Vocally we are both singing together throughout most of the song, so it gives it a cool harmony effect throughout.


Primitive is one of those mid-tempo rockers that keeps you in the groove throughout the song. It was our second single from the album and has been getting a lot of radio and podcast play lately. It's got what some would say is a Proto-Doom flavor. There are definitely some thrashy overtones, and it also goes into some Alice in Chains-y-type territory vocally. The intro reminds me a lot of early doom from the '80s and definitely, some Sabbath influence was thrown in for good measure. The verse is based on kind of a rocking thrashy riff - leading up to some vocal harmony doom-i-ness in the chorus and middle section.


An instrumental track that definitely settles things down for a few moments. It's got a deep dark acoustic feel that gives you a nice break and helps to wind you up for the next song.


This was the first single and was released ahead of the album by a few months. It's an all-out Stoner rocker, sludgy, slow, and low but rocking throughout. It's got some of our deepest lyrical content on the album and some soulful vocal lines to convey this. The solo and lead parts throughout the song have a heavy Hendrix/SRV influence but with a nice dose of added fuzz and Iommi-Esque licks and riffs. Jude laid down some pretty killer bass work throughout, and Dwayne laid down a nice greasy groove that makes it flow nicely.


We wanted to include an homage to our early doom influences on the album and Saint Vitus got the unanimous vote for this one. It's a killer song and I had a lot of fun trying to capture as much of Wino and Dave's vibes on the lead parts and translate them in my own way. Jude handles the vocals and soars throughout telling the story as it was meant to sound. A banger of a song and I think we did the original justice. We have a blast playing this one life, it's been a fun part of our set since our first couple of shows.

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