Band Biographies: Féleth

Féleth was formed in the late autumn of 2014 when the band IronBound got in Espen Dagenborg on vocals and changed their direction from Thrash-metal to more melodic death metal.

Previously, IronBound had seen some large presentations such as headlining Aronnesrocken 2012, and played after big Norwegian bands like Dunderbeist. The boys quickly started rehearsing and writing the songs that were later recorded on the EP <> which they released on January 12th, 2017.

From 2016 to 2020, the band could only be found at festivals and stages in northern Norway, as it quickly became clear that getting gigs in the south was a big challenge because of the travel costs, etc. when playing a more niche genre.

After many delays, and having established a game-changing work relationship with Christian Donaldson, Féleth released their debut album <> on 22 May 2020, with an early exclusive premiere on Metalinjection. They received overwhelmingly good feedback from Scream Magazine and Metalhammer in Norway and Germany, but apart from a live stream concert organized by Aronnesrocken, there were no concerts or tours due to the covid pandemic.

When the pandemic finally cleared up, the band received the finished masters for their follow-up album <>, also done by Christian Donaldson.

And to top it all off they won a band competition organized by Tons Of Rock, giving them the opportunity to play at Norway's biggest rock-and-metal festival, playing with bands such as Iron Maiden, KoRn, and Jinjer.

"Divine Blight" is due out November 11, 2022, via Rob Mules Records.

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